Bach Flower Remedies

Dr Bach (pronounced Batch) was a Harley Street Doctor in the 1920’s. He believed that our emotions affect our physical body and that a happy mind is a healthy body.

Many people know of the Bach Rescue Remedy which is made of 5 remedies and is for use in emergency or stressful situations. However, Dr Bach discovered 38 remedies in total, each one directed at a specific characteristic or emotional state, to bring about calm. Rescue Remedy is the only pre-made mix endorsed by the Dr Bach Centre, because the idea is to select specific remedies tailored to an individual.

As a BFRP I am trained to conduct consultations and facilitate selection of up to seven remedies specific to an individual’s needs. I have an in depth knowledge of each of the remedies and the emotions that these can help to support. These are made into a personalised remedy mix which will last for up to three weeks, taking 4 drops, 4 times a day.

The remedies are very gentle in their effect, bringing about subtle and positive changes in a persons outlook and perception by washing away any negative feelings which may be blocking a persons happiness. They do not interact with other medications, they are not addictive and do not have side effects. They are safe for use in pregnancy and for babies and the elderly alike.

A consultation may typically last between 30 minutes to one hour and involves the practitioner actively listening to the clients concerns, asking open questions and suggesting and describing suitable remedies. Once up to seven remedies have been mutually agreed, the mix is made up to last for three weeks.  A review can then be conducted if desired and a repeat or new mix made, depending on any changes that the client has felt.