Foot Reading

I had the great honour of attending the worlds first Foot Reading conference in September 2018 with five world foot reading leaders; Jane Sheehan, Sue Ricks, Christine Lynne Stormer Fryer, Sam Belyea and Mauricio Kruchik. A rare chance to learn from all of their perspectives, I have since trained in more depth with Jane and Christine.

Foot reading adds further dimensions and meaning beyond reflexology; whilst reflexology relates to the physical body, foot reading relates to our thoughts, feelings, mood, sense of security, communication styles, work ethic, personality and much more.

This truly highlights the close relationship between our physical wellbeing and our mind and emotions and enables me as a therapist to support clients at a much deeper level.

Foot reading is available during a reflexology treatment in person or can be conducted remotely, via photographs or video appointments. Self help advice will be tailored to the individual based on what is found and can be extremely revealing, validating and helpful.