Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage can help to alleviate shoulder and neck tension which can often lead to headaches. The treatment can either be with the client seated in an upright position, reclined on a couch or kneeling onto a special chair that supports the front of the body, with a cradle for the face.

The seated massage is the most popular and natural position to work with and can be  carried out through light clothing or with upper garments removed to use oils such as grapeseed, directly onto the skin.

The treatment starts with massage of the upper back and shoulders, before moving to the neck and head. Areas of tension are targeted to encourage release, relaxation and revitalisation. Pressure points and meridians are also worked.

The treatment finishes with a deeply relaxing and refreshing face massage, working acupressure points and encouraging lymph drainage. Treatment typically lasts 20-30 minutes.

Clients are advised to drink plenty of water after an Indian Head Massage to allow the body to cleanse and clear the waste products from the tissues which have been holding  tension.